Summer self-care

Welcome Summer! We’ve been patiently waiting for you. Oddly enough, the summer months seem to slow down yet go by so quickly at the same time.  July is a time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. We’ve been laying low for quite some time now and this is our chance to let go of our agendas and do a digital detox.

My message for you is to take care of yourself. Do all the things that make your heart happy. Pick up a good book, be a tourist in your own city, relax in nature’s playground, try a new coffee shop, or visit or host friends and family. Why not take this time to create your own haven of peace? If cleaning out that cluttered closet you’ve been saying you wanted to do makes you happy, go for it!  Whatever makes your heart sing, do more of that.

Claire Quenville, Well 50+ Program Coordinator

With the sky high prices of gas, hotels, and restaurants, you may not be able to afford the luxury of a getaway. You can, however, still have a great time close to home and make some wonderful memories. Whether you are planning a « staycation » or going abroad, I’ve added some interesting resources and information that may help you plan.  Check out the section called « Summer fun’’ below for more.

Wishing you all a great summer holiday and looking forward to hosting some new events in the fall.


Claire’s selection for some summer fun:

Plan a great « staycation » (a vacation at home):



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