Protect Yourself against Flame Jetting

Serious fire and burn risks associated with certain containers of pourable alcohol-based fuels and certain firepots that use pourable fuels

Health Canada warns consumers of the serious fire and burn risks associated with flame jetting occurrences that may result from the use of certain containers of pourable alcohol-based fuels and certain firepots that use those fuels.

Firepots (also referred to as fireburners, portable fireplaces, firebowls, patio burners, flamepots, firelights or table top fire pits) are portable, decorative lighting accents that support open flame burning. Firepots may be marketed for indoor and/or outdoor use. They are generally made of a ceramic or other heat-resistant material, have an open fuel reservoir that holds the alcohol-based fuel, and may also include a snuff tool to extinguish the flame.


Based on incident reports received by Health Canada, flame jetting may occur when refuelling a lit firepot, which can result in burn injuries ranging from minor to fatal. A flame jetting occurrence is unexpected and occurs in a fraction of a second, making it impossible for the user and/or bystanders to react quickly enough to move away from a flame jet. Flame jetting incidents often involve multiple victims and, in Canada, have resulted in fatalities and very serious injuries.

To know what you should do, or for more information, please consult Health Canada’s Information Update.

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