Ateliers Winds of change

1250, chemin Sainte-Foy
Québec QC G1S 2M6

Réservations et information

Il y a trois façons de réserver ou d’obtenir plus de détails via Voice of English-speaking Québec (VEQ):

  1. Par téléphone: 418 683-2366, poste 221
  2. Par courriel:
  3. Par fax, en utilisant le formulaire disponible dans le pamphlet : 418 688-3273.


Ouvrez le Pamphlet Winds Of Change (en anglais) pour plus de détails.


Offert en partenariat avec Voice of English-speaking Québec.


Les mères qui allaitent sont les bienvenues.

A workshop for English-speakers who have moved to Quebec City in the past few years

The Winds of Change is a workshop for English-speaking people who have moved to the Quebec City region in the last few years. Learn ways to create balance in your life and:

  • Discover ways to adapt to new cultures
  • Understand how change has an impact on your life
  • Get connected! Share stories with seasoned newcomers

You will also learn about resources and tools that can help you adapt, such as:

  • Language Courses
  • Employment counselling
  • Vocational training
  • Social networks
  • VEQ’s Finding Your Niche for Newcomers’ sessions
  • Other support organizations

Did you know that…

  • moving here from another province and country;
  • moving to a place where you cannot speak the local language;
  • being separated from your family, friends and former community (even if you moved here by choice);
  • not having the job you really want (or any job at all);

… are big life changes that can affect your emotional well being?

The winds of change workshop will be held at soon at the Jeffery Hale.

Dessert and coffee to follow

Come alone or bring a friend.
Just don’t miss this chance to learn something new while you meet others.

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