Gratitude for longer days, more light, and you!

With the month of March comes a sense that spring might just be around the corner.  This time of year, I feel gratitude for the brighter and longer days, the warmer breezes, and the time left to appreciate winter activities while they last.

In keeping with this sense of gratitude, I would like to convey our deepest thanks for the volunteer contribution you have made to the community over the past year.  We can never thank you enough, but we’d sure like to try.  Read on for exactly how we plan to do that.

As a WE Volunteer, your light is felt with the warmth you bring through accompanying a vulnerable community member to their medical appointment, or to the grocery store, so that person gets the care or food they need to stay healthy. Your light is felt at Saint Brigid’s Home as you offer guidance during an activity or a shared moment during a friendly visit. Your light is felt through your generosity in preparing or delivering food hampers to those in need during the holidays.  The list goes on!

You bring light to the community members and programs you help

Your light also shines bright beyond the individuals you help, but also to their families, friends, and staff of all our partner organizations, and we want to recognize that! April 16 to 22 marks Volunteer Appreciation week, a great time to celebrate you, our fabulous volunteers.  We are thrilled to invite all volunteers who have been active during this past year to an in-person event. Yes, you read correctly! We will be holding an IN-PERSON appreciation Happy Hour for our active volunteers on Thursday, April 20th.

Elise Holloway, Volunteer Coordinator

Keep an eye out for your invitation coming to your mailbox very soon.  If you have changed addresses recently, please let me know:

Thank you from the bottom of my warm heart. You make a difference!


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