Every day is a fresh start

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that we honestly have no idea what is yet to come! We have learned that everything can change in a moment and with very little warning. Hopefully though, we’ve also developed the muscle of resiliency and have come to a new understanding of what really matters and what doesn’t. Amazing life lessons, don’t you agree?

We carry these lessons with us as we step into 2021. Sometimes it feels like the pandemic is a reset button for planet Earth and the people who live here. We’ve been given the gift of a fresh start… to live better going forward! To live our lives with deeper purpose, to appreciate our family, friends and community more fully, to count our many blessings, and to care even more for those who need our compassion and support in difficult times.

The Wellness Centre, co-managed by Jeffery Hale Community Partners, embodies the spirit of the Community of Care slogan thanks to dynamic partnerships and strong volunteer engagement. Our aim is to provide you with quality services and to continue to develop programs and activities adapted to meet the health and social services needs of the English-speaking community. JH Partners understands the importance of supporting the most vulnerable members of society while giving all of us a chance to connect and contribute so that together we can make our community stronger and more embracing. We have many exciting things planned, so stay tuned!

As many of you know, I delayed my retirement due the pandemic. In this new year, I will gradually start focusing more and more on succession planning and less on day-to-day operations. To lend a hand in the interim, Jessica Price has begun taking on many duties related to our Family Matters activities. She has also been skillfully overseeing the WE’s volunteer program’s for the past four months while Amy Bilodeau is on maternity leave. Visit the « Our Team » page on JH Partners’ website to learn more about Jessica, who many of you may already know from her work with newcomers at VEQ.

Never fear, I will still be on staff for the next six months, so you haven’t seen the last of me yet!  I’ll be focusing more and more on succession planning, however, and less on day-to-day operations. I feel so blessed to be a part of the local English-speaking community in Quebec City. I won’t be moving away so I’m sure our paths will continue to cross often. Each day is a new adventure!

Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

Happy 2021!



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