Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Funeral Planning but were Afraid to Ask

None of us get out of life alive and yet few of us talk about our wishes concerning  funeral  or memorial services with those we may one day leave behind. These discussions aren’t easy to have but information can help us all better understand how to prepare for the inevitable. Join us for  a learning session entitled Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Funeral Planning but Were Afraid to Ask with Solange Pelland and Frederik Brunelle from Harmonia. Time will  be set aside for  questions.



This learning session will take place Tuesday, January 24 in multipurpose room # 1135 on the main floor of the Jeffery Hale pavilion – 1270 chemin Ste-Foy starting at 10 am. Join us and  connect with other English-speaking caregivers 

This activity is free and so is parking in the hospital parking lot. Participants are asked to call 418 684-5333, Ext 1539 to register.

If you are reluctant to attend because you cannot leave your loved one alone, please call us so we can find a way to assist you. This activity is made possible thanks to jhcplogofunding from: