Application Deadline: Health & Social Services Community Leadership Bursary

May 16, 2022 all day
Ellie Fleming

Offered by McGill University in collaboration with Jeffery Hale Community Partners The Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary program aims to reach students from selected regions of the province of Quebec with English and French language skills who are pursuing full-time studies in the area of health and social services in a government-recognized educational institution.

image of bursary dollars
Financial support for education in the health and social services sector

This bursary program also focuses on students who have demonstrated a commitment to, and involvement in, their community with the intent of encouraging them to return to (or stay in) their region to work in the public health and social services system after completing their studies.

The application deadline for 2022-23 bursaries for Cegep and University students is Monday, May 16, 2022. All details can be found at

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