Do your kids love to play outside? Teach them safety rules…

Did you know that you can start to teach your 3 or 4 year old safety rules for crossing the street but you must always hold his or her hand when crossing the street?



Children want and need to be active. This is normal! They need to explore if they are to learn and grow. But they do not always know the difference between what is fun and what is dangerous. Children need adults to keep them safe, especially during their outdoor excursions.



To keep your child safe, at the playground, on a tricycle and bicycle, or to cross the street, you can:

  • Start early to teach your child about being safe. Talk to your child about what is safe and what is not safe.
  • Be a good example. For example, wear a helmet when you are riding a bike so your toddler will learn to wear one too.
  • Stay close to your child. Stay close to a young child so you can reach him or her quickly if he or she is in danger.
  • Protect your child. Help your child stay safe even when there is danger. For example, you cannot stop all the cars on the street. But you can hold your child’s hand when you cross the street.
  • Notice the new things your child can do. Check often to see if your child can now reach something that is dangerous.

For ideas on fun and easy activities to do with your children from 0 to 5 years old to help them learn about safety rules, read the tips sheet Everyday Safety Outdoors.


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