Did you know your TV might be dangerous for your toddler?

Did you know?

About 70% of reported TV tip-over incidents in Canada involve children between 1 and 3 years of age.



Children love to climb, but climbing on bookshelves, dressers, appliances and televisions (TVs) can be very dangerous. These objects can easily tip-over, causing serious injuries and even death.




Fortunately there are simple things every parent can do to reduce the risk of injury from tip-overs.

  • Teach your children not to climb or hang from furniture or appliances.
  • Securely attach furniture to the wall using angle braces, anchors or safety straps. If these items come with the furniture, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing them. If you have an older piece of furniture, visit your local hardware store to purchase restraints or anchors.


  • Keep electrical cords behind furniture where children cannot reach them.
  • Do not put heavy items and items that are attractive to children, such as toys, plants and remotes, on top of older-style TVs.
  • Place heavier items, like books, in lower drawers to reduce the risk of tip-overs.

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