Covid Blessings …

Gratitude is a state of consciousness appreciation that we can choose to exercise or not. As one who has kept a gratitude journal for many years, I can attest that when I look for things to be thankful for  my mood lifts rather than sinks. This long weekend may not be what we  have hoped or wished for. If we obey our public health leaders (and I sincerely hope and pray you will!) there will be no large gatherings of family and friends around the table as we gobble down turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Being the resilient human beings that we are we will undoubtedly look for other ways to reach out to our loved ones this year and I encourage you to do so safely. However, I also suggest you set aside some time to ponder the good things Covid-19 has taught us in 2020. Why not consider your Covid blessings this weekend?

To get you started I’ll list a few of my own. On this Covid Thanksgiving I’m thankful for …

The resiliency of humankind … our awesome ability to adapt, to turn on a dime and to face the unknown with courage and ingenuity;

Family ties that remain strong despite closed borders, lockdowns and red zone directives;

The helpers who are everywhere – just look around you will see them!

Nature and the beauty of each season;

A country that provides free health care, financial assistance for those in need and for cooperation between political parties as we face this pandemic together;

The internet that allows us to work from home, connect with others and technology that keeps us informed, entertained, educated and feeling less isolated.

Yeast and homemade bread; online workouts to burn  off the calories from that homemade bread; our faith communities; our non-profit organizations that relentlessly support those in-need; access to good books; funhobbies;  warm homes and  for those friendly smiles from strangers who are keeping a safe distance but who nod when we  pass one another on our daily walks around the neighborhood.

Happy  Thanksgiving 2020 everyone,

Photo of Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

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