Cherishing and growing our Community of Care

Hello everyone!

It is with great honour that I pick up the torch passed along by our dear and dedicated Jan Anderson. I have been fortunate to work alongside her over the last few months her, learning the details of the program she started in January of 2014. During the Caregivers Café sessions I have attended as well as meetings, I have learned valuable insights into the world of caregivers from Jan.

I have worked at Saint Brigid’s Home for over 15 years, and I can attest to the English-speaking community’s wonderful spirit of mutual aid and support. There is an impressive world of connection,  listening and respect that underpins our services. This supportive environment seems so natural, like in a big family. It is with great pride that I commit to continuing a program that grew out of a very special community.

I certainly do not plan to change a winning formula!  I do, however, look forward to hearing from you because I am very open to your suggestions. By sharing your expectations and needs, we will be able to better accompany you in a period of life when reaching out for a little help is not only comforting but also essential.

Having been a caregiver myself, I can confirm that a little moral support, a coffee break with a support group, or a walk in the woods can make all the difference to our psychological well-being in the short-term as well as over the long run. It will be my pleasure to take a few steps beside you along your journey.

Marie-Christine Beaulieu, Program Coordinator

See you soon!


Editor’s Note: Read more about Marie-Christine on the Our Team page of JH Partners’ website!

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