October 24 CHEP Video-conference – Exploring Life Losses

Join us  for the next Community Health Education Program Video-conference                   

Topic: Exploring Life Losses 

Grief is the natural reaction to loss. Some examples of loss include the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, job loss, loss due to health issues or the loss of independence. Guest speaker Yvonne Clarke, Grief Counselor and Family Therapist, has many years’ experience helping adults to understand the grieving process, as well as children’s grief.

Date/time: Wednesday, October 24 from 10 AM to noon

Location:  Jeffery Hale Boardroom (1270 ch. Ste-Foy)

This activity is FREE and so is parking in the Jeffery Hale Hospital parking lot. To reserve your seat, please contact  Ellie Fleming, Program Support Agent with the Wellness Centre : 418 684-5333 Ext 1265 or email efleming@jhpartners.net

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