Caregiver’s Needs Part 2

Caregivers’ Café: Thursday: March 22, 2018 @ 10 am How to help the person you are caring for? Understanding their needs versus yours … Did you enjoy February’s Caregiver’s Café session with our Certified Executive Life Coach, Helen Walling? If yes, please come join us for a Caregiver’s Needs Part 2 session. It will be held on Thursday,…


Medical Mistakes … Understanding Your Rights

Mistakes happen in every field and health care is sadly no exception. Health care professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists are legally responsible, if their mistakes cause harm. These individuals all answer to their professional order. Click here to see a complete list (website available in French only): https://www.opq.gouv.qc.ca//ordres-professionnels/fiches-descriptives-des-ordres-professionnels/ If you have an issue…


Teleconference on Hearing Loss

Community Health Education Program Video–conference: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 This session explores what happens when we start to lose our hearing, hearing loss as we age, and what can be done about it to increase your awareness and better help yourself, your family members and your community. Join us for this informative video-conference to learn more…


Caregivers’ Café: Tax Credits and Deductions

Join us at the Caregiver’s Café on Thursday, February 15 and learn everything that you need to know about tax credits and deductions for caregivers and persons with disabilities with Canada Revenue Agency Outreach Officer, Madeleine Castelo.   Time: 10:00 to 11:30 AM Location: Room 1123 on the main floor of the Jeffery Hale Pavilion (1270 chemin…



The HandyBar makes it easy to get in-and-out of the car.  This  3-in-1 automotive safety tool allows the user to easily sit or stand safely while entering or exiting their vehicle, offering support and protecting from falls. It fits securely into either the passenger or driver side of the door of almost all types of…


Stop Smoking in 2018

New Year’s Resolution 2018: Why not stop smoking today? As we start a new year, many people wish to quit smoking to improve their health and quality of life. It may be difficult, but not impossible. When you give up cigarettes, your body starts to renew itself as early as the first day of quitting….


Pickle-Ball Anyone?

Looking for a fun way to get into shape in the new year – why not consider Pickle-Ball? This relatively new , fun paddle sport  combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Phil Jocey retired former principal is  hoping to get pickle-ball going at Holland School for adults one evening a week beginning in the new year.  If…


Support for Male Caregivers

AutonHommie is a local non-profit organization that provides support for male caregivers. Men who are caring for aging loved ones can benefit from services designed to suit their particular needs. Support sessions and other home care help can be accessed. This service is offered in French only but feel free to contact them directly to…