What You Need to Know about the Health Care Complaint Process in Quebec

Join us for a special community outreach session and discover why filing a complaint can be a positive action with Ian Renaud-Lauzé, from the CAAP-CN   http://caap-capitalenationale.org/en/ and Annalisa Turner, member of the  JHSB User’s Committee. 

If you are dissatisfied with quality of health and social services care you have received, you can use your voice to signal a problem and help get it corrected. Join us for an informative discussion to help make caregivers and seniors more aware of their rights and how the complaint process can actually improve existing services for everyone. In addition, Annalisa Turner will help us to understand the vital role a Users’ Committee plays in ensuring the best care possible for clients in a healthcare setting. 

This free activity is taking place in collaboration with Life Long Learning and will be held at Eastern Quebec Learning Centre  (3005, rue William Stuart, Quebec, QC G1W 1V4) in room 118 on Thursday, February 7 starting at 10 am. To register, please contact Jan Anderson, Community Organizer at 418-684-5333 Ext 1539 or janderson@jhpartners.net

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