Car Seats and Child Safety

Child safety involves choosing a car seat that is adapted to a child’s weight and height, and installing it properly. Here is everything you need to know about infant seats, child seats, booster seats and seat belts:

To ensure your care seat has been installed correctly you can make an appointment with a member of  Child Car Seat Verification Network  in collaboration with CAA-Québec. Inspections are performed free of charge by qualified technicians who have received appropriate training based on strict criteria. To find the nearest verification centre click here:



Always ensure that the car seat you choose for  your child meets the following criteria:

  • has not passed its expiry date. If it is not indicated on the seat, check the owner’s manual or with the manufacturer
  • the Transport Canada compliance label is still on the seat
  • the manufacturer’s instructions are included
  • the seat has never been in an accident
  • the model has never been recalled due to a defect (Health Canada can confirm this)
  • all the parts are present and intact, including the harness, locking clip, chest clip, tether strap, tether anchor and padding

Photo of a Transport Canada compliance label

If the car seat does not meet all these criteria, you should not use it.

It is illegal in Canada to sell or loan a car seat made before 2012 or a car seat made in the USA as the standards are not the same in both countries. The use of second-hand car seats is not recommended by the SAAQ. Choose instead to recycle your car seat. To learn more, please visit: