Capture community events and share our vibrant community life

Capture community events and share our vibrant community life with others through Event Photography!

Enjoy being behind the lens? As an event photography volunteer, you help capture the spirit of various community events on camera. Immerse yourself in English-speaking community events such as the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign, Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s Friends’ Foundation fundraisers, and Voice of English-speaking Québec’s various events.

Upcoming community events include:

Fall Fest, September
Golf tournament, September      
Taste of Québec, October
Caregiver Fiesta, November
Winds of Change, November
MNO Santa Party, December
Holiday Happy Hour, December
Auction Hamper Campaign fundraiser, January
Networking Event, February
Quebec City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March
BAQ’s March Break Madness, March
Be Active Québec Gala, May
And more …

Be a part of community life, help us promote the well-being and belonging of members and even raise funds for various campaigns. You must have, and know how to use, your own camera.

Apply here and contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email or at 418-684-5333 x 1550.

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