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Park Playdates 2019

Park Playdates (PPD) are  Wellness Centre gatherings that happen Friday mornings from May to September in a variety of park locations around the city.  It’s an easy way to stay connected with other English-speaking families all summer long and a great chance  to let your kids roam freely in the …

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Community Event Volunteering

Quebec City’s 9th St. Patrick’s Day Parade On March 24th, four volunteers donned the green and marched with us under the community of care banner in honour of our institution’s Irish roots. Volunteers took a healthy little stroll in the old city, sharing our of our values of a strong culturally diverse, inclusive and fun-loving …

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Café Croissant

Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s Friends’ Foundation is seeking volunteers to run it’s Café Croissant The Café Croissant is a small coffee shop situated in the Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s hospital which serves coffee, sandwiches and snacks to patients, residents, family members and health professionals from 7:30 am – 3:30 …

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We are recruiting a Volunteer Coordinator to oversee Park Playdates 2019

Park Playdates (PPD) is a Wellness Centre gathering that takes place Friday mornings from May to September in a variety of park locations around the city. This activity runs entirely on volunteer power!  Each week a different parent host selects a local park and is on-site to greet families. Kids …

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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey 2015-16

Our survey was a success! Here are some preliminary results. Thank you all for your participation and support! Volunteers will have a key role to play in the success of our services and we need YOUR opinion. As a Wellness Centre volunteer, your experience is unique to each program to …

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