Are you getting your costumes and decorations ready for Halloween?

Make sure your lights, accessories and costumes haven’t been recalled!

Make sure that Halloween is a safe and happy experience for the whole family by following these simple tips:

  • Look for costumes and accessories that are labelled as “flame-resistant“. Flowing skirts and capes, baggy sleeves, over-sized costumes and feathers on costumes can all be hazards around candles or flames. Nylon or heavyweight polyester costumes are best.
  • Remember, flame-resistant does not mean fire-proof! To further reduce the risk around open flames, consider using LED candles or lights in your jack-o-lantern and decorations.
  • Consider using make-up or face paint instead of masks, as improperly fitted masks can interfere with your child’s vision or breathing. If you do choose to use a mask, make sure it is one that allows the child to see and breathe easily.
  • Before using face paint or make-up, do a patch test to see whether your child is sensitive or allergic to something in the cosmetic. Products labelled as “hypoallergenic” can still cause allergic reactions.
  • Give each child a flashlight to carry to make them more visible to motorists and others.
  • Tell your children to stay in well-lit areas and to visit only homes that have their outside lights turned on. Remind children not to go inside homes or cars, even if they are invited.
  • Remind children not to eat any treats until you have checked them first.

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