Advice from Health Canada on Buying Second-hand Items

Buying second-hand products on the Internet or checking out yard sales and flea markets?

Be aware of potential risks and ask questions to make sure your perfect find is safe to use.


You should avoid items that are:

  • banned, such as baby walkers and feeding devices for baby bottles.
  • damaged
  • missing labelling or instructions.




Some second-hand products can be dangerous even if they seem harmless. Be extra cautious especially when buying children’s items, such as:

  • bunk beds
  • child car seats
  • children’s jewellery
  • children’s sleepwear
  • Playpens
  • cribs, cradles and bassinets
  • strollers and carriages

Stay on top of recalls

If you need to find out if a product has been recalled, you can:

For more information visit: