A feel good WE Volunteer update

When we think of volunteering, we often think of the positive impact it has on the one receiving the goodwill, especially when it’s our vulnerable community members. As it turns out, volunteering actually proves to be a mutually beneficial activity for everyone involved.

It’s been a long two years with uncertainty, anxiety and unprecedented amounts of isolation. Hopefully, your own health and happiness is something you’d like to be mindful of this year.

Fortunately, volunteering can have benefits for your health, well-being, sense of belonging, and even give you the chance to learn new skills. Based on studies on volunteerism, here are some important benefits that can contribute to a happy and healthy life:

Improved mood, and less depression

Volunteering as part of a team or directly with community members grows your social interactions and support from people with common interests. This sense of community can help decrease the chance of depression and release stress. Even if you are not able to volunteer, staying connected to the community through emails and virtual events can help you feel connected.

Gains in self-confidence

Having a sense of purpose can improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Increased physical and mental activity

Countless articles consistently support the idea that volunteering helps you move more and work your brain.

Feel happy!

Research has shown that the more you give, the happier you are. Read more about the keys to happiness here.

Learn new skills

Explore the variety of activities at Saint Brigid’s Home, to become familiar with your MyImpactPage, sign up for activities, watch trainings, and log your hours. Wow, that’s a lot! We are sure there are many new learning opportunities for you. Learning new skills, after all, helps your sense of accomplishment! Remember, we can provide a PREB certificate to highlight the experience you gained within our organization.

Being a volunteer myself, I can relate to many of these benefits. I’ve met some wonderful people, felt part of a community, helped break isolation during maternity leave and during a pandemic, gained professional skills and networks, found many feel-good projects and a sense of accomplishment. The list could go on!

From a few hours a year, to a few hours a week, I hope you enjoy being a part of our Community of Care just as much as the community members you serve enjoy your generous time. Remember, I am available if ever I can make your volunteering experience more enjoyable and would love to hear from you.

Thank you all for all you do,




Elise Holloway,
Volunteer Coordinator


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