Participate in a U Laval Research Project

The CHU de Québec has reached out to the English-speaking community for help in validating a cognitive screening tool they are developing in order to refine the diagnosis of patients suffering memory problems.  

In an effort to support  research currently underway, please consider participating in  the validation of this tool. Please see poster.

The researcher, Synthia Meilleur-Durand, is offering to host the 60-minute tests here at the Jeffery Hale, if we have enough volunteers interested. I invite you to share your interest with our Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Bilodeau should you wish to contribute to this research and meet here on one given day. If you have a busy schedule and prefer to participate at the CHU on your own time, you may contact Synthia directly. 

Would you like to pass along this opportunity to a friend? Please do so. We can all be champions of research.