Moms helping moms – Les Voisines Secteur Ouest

Chantelait, in partnership with the COCOGREN are excited to offer a new initiative, Les Voisines Secteur Ouest     



It’s a project for moms with babies under 12 months, offered by experienced moms ( the Voisine).

The Voisine is not a therapist or counselor, she is a mom that wants to give back to the community by offering her time. She receives training to help her be more at ease in her role. The Voisine offers support to moms during a period which is often full of challenges and transitions. She is available to listen, reassure, and refer to different community resources in the vicinity. The Voisine can at all times refer to the
Project Coordinator as well as lactation consultants and other

Can I become a Voisine?

Sure! If you want to share your experiences as a mother with another mom.
If you are available 2-3 hours a month for meeting up with or talking on the phone to a mom,
If you have received Public Health’s day 1 in breastfeeding training and basic training in peer counseling ( free and offered by Chantelait) AND if you are familiar with different community organisations and activities available for moms and their young children

Being a Voisine is a unique and valorising experience that will allow you to be present and closely involved with a woman during what can be a difficult time!

For more information, to become a volunteer OR to be paired up with a Voisine please write: and the project coordinator, Catherine Baboudjian will be more than happy to answer questions!