Celebrating family ties that bind hearts together

Dear Caregivers,

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is the deep lasting value of enduring family ties. Not being able to see or hug family members in other households for ten weeks has felt like an eternity to many, especially for those with loved ones in long-term care where access was limited.

Thankfully, restrictions are easing a bit and technology has allowed us to visit on screen or by phone. Now we can even get together outdoors in some cases. Family celebrations and community get-togethers have taken on a new look as they happen by videoconference calls, reminding those of us who are old enough of the Hollywood Squares game show! It feels so good to laugh, compare covid haircuts and just hang out in cyberspace…

Hopefully, one day, when we are allowed to get within 2 meters of each other once again, those hugs will be  sweeter than ever! In the meantime, continue to do your part to show how much you care in imaginative ways while still taking every measure possible to keep those vulnerable persons around you safe.

The community Wellness Centre has walked through this period of confinement with you by offering a line up of online activities to support and enrich your lives in meaningful ways. We’ve just unveiled our new Caregivers’ Café schedule and we’re  proud to announce that these stimulating virtual activities will continue all summer long. Click here to have a peek at our online schedule and check out our events calendar for all the details. Be sure to register for our next exciting caregiver’s series: Taking Care of Me! starting July 14.

Continue taking good care of one another, and enjoy celebrating Father’s Day Covid-style. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any particular caregiving needs in these unusual times.

Photo of Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

And please remember,
WE are here for you!


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