Special Needs

Be a friend to a special needs youth!

As a Special Needs volunteer you befriend, encourage and assist English-speaking young adults (14 to 25 years of age) who are physically and/or intellectually challenged.

You get to be a role-model, empower them and enjoy arts and life at their pace.

Four students at Quebec High School need a companion to accompany and help them preform simple tasks.  Special needs volunteer activities take place within two well-structured programs: life skills learning in the SNACS kitchen and art class at the Wellness Centre.

This volunteering would take place every Wednesday from 8:45 – 11:30 am at Quebec High School’s annexed kitchen ( 875 Père-Marquette, G1S 2A5) and at times at the art studio at the Wellness Centre (1270 chemin Sainte-Foy, G1S 2M4). You will become part of a team of dedicated volunteers, staff and special educators who help special needs students gain the skills to be as independent as possible while offering respite to their caregivers or parents.

This commitment runs from September to June as our mature students participate through the school’s integration program. We would be very glad to set them up with their companion for the year (or as much time as you can give). These students are uni-lingual anglophone and so your English must be conversational to fluent.

To volunteer please contact us! If you are new to volunteering with the Wellness Centre, please fill out the application form here. Otherwise please shout out to Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Bilodeau at abilodeau@jhpartners.net .

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