Ladies speed friending

Ladies do you want to make women friends but feel awkward or unsure how? This event is a fun, laid back way to meet other women quickly and make mutual friend matches. Modelled after speed dating, you’ll chat with different women for just a few minutes, using prewritten questions to get to know each other….


Encore performances of “The Philanthropist”

A multimedia theatre presentation bringing the story of Jeffery Hale to life  Friday, February 2, and Saturday, February 3, 2018 Back by popular demand! Don’t miss one of two encore performances of “The Philanthropist” multimedia theatre presentation to be performed at Champlain – St. Lawrence’s new venue. “The Philanthropist” tells the riveting but little-known life story of…


Acetaminophen and Children

Did you know that some medication like acetaminophen could be harmful to your liver if used incorrectly? This is especially true for children because the right dose of acetaminophen depends on its age and weight. You should never give your child: -an adult product if they’re younger than age 12 -more than the recommended dose in a…


Get Ready for Kindergarten

If you’re the parent of a 4 year old don’t miss the chance to partake in a fabulous parent-child workshop being offered for FREE by Jeffery Hale Community Partners. Join psycho-educator, Julie Fraser and other English-speaking families for our annual  Get Ready For Kindergarten workshop designed to help your child develop skills needed to succeed at school. …